Home Staging, “Blank canvas”

Great for a home builder or owner looking to create the “ WOW, I could live here” experience for potential buyers. This package includes decor & furniture rental / purchasing , furniture & decor placement, as well as optional reoccurring “touchups” . Prices Vary.

Home Staging, “Use what you’ve got”

Great for a home owner looking for a quick sale. With this package, a design associate will come to your home, help you declutter and make smart placement choices. This sometimes means hiding personal items or discarding that favourite LazyBoy. A 3 hour meeting where we assist you do these things as well as leave you with a to do list. Starting at $350.

Interior Design, “New Build”

Building a new home can be a real challenge. There are so many choices to make. Why not have someone there to help you make the right ones for you or your target market. The “New Build” interior design package includes both designers by your side throughout the building process helping you pick the right layout, finishings, and furnishings. Starting at $2000.

 Interior Design, “Room by room”

Purchased a home but not in love with a few spaces? Or maybe you’ve owned your home for awhile and your ready to freshen up a room ? The “room by room” package includes a design associate by your side through any individual room renovation or refresh. Starting at $500.

Interior Design, “Shopping Guru”

You love your home and its bones, you just need to fill it. The Shopping guru package includes one design associate going shopping (with or without you) to fill your space to suit your needs and tastes. This can be anything from a living room layout, to an entire home. Starting at $200.

Don’t see the perfect package for you? Send us an email and we can create a custom package.

*Prices vary based on room, project, and square footage.