For some the endless choices while building or selling can be a chore, but 6Pence Homes can help you navigate and make the right selections for your style and budget.

Jaclyn of 6Pence Homes has a true love for all things beautiful. After moving into her first home she discovered the joy that creating beautiful spaces brings her. Bringing together a colour palette, textiles and accent pieces truly became a passion. Room after room she transformed her house into a gorgeous, livable home.

Now having recently left that home for the blank canvas of a new build, Jaclyn has experience in starting from scratch. Her home is an expression of timeless elegance with style that will last into the years to come. Knowing her way around a new construction build, Jaclyn has expanded her business to serve those looking for beauty in the home.

Acting as a sounding board for many of Jaclyn’s interior design decisions, her sister Stefani also shares a love for elegant spaces. Stefani is very hands on and brings a strong do-it-yourself portfolio to 6Pence homes. She has turned her new-build townhome from “builder basic” to something special. Stefani is not afraid to bring out the tools to change a room on a dime- she refinishes furniture as well as builds new pieces to suit her space. While her tastes are similar to Jaclyn’s, you’ll find Stefani brings a slightly different eye to 6Pence Homes.